Eternity Church supports the work of Inspire International. Inspire International’s mission is to create caring communities of hope that teach the Word of God, promote literacy, alleviate poverty and bring hope. Inspire International partners with national organizations and local churches in India to address the needs of indigenous people groups.

Our primary objective is to uplift the poor and the poor at heart through education, micro-enterprise, access to healthcare and other enrichment opportunities. Our goal is to strengthen indigenous leaders who have a proven track record of effective work and a relationship with local people. We work to build the capacity of the church, and to build the capacity of the poor. Join us in our vision for the Indian Subcontinent: “To have life, and have it abundantly!”

Inspire International Focuses on Four Key Areas:

Adult Literacy

We believe that literacy is a basic right of every person. Our adult literacy program is aimed at developing learning skills, an awareness of health and hygiene, basic economics, as well as social development, with a goal of uplifting the entire community. Our content includes wisdom principals that address local issues such as drunkenness, sanitation, and nutrition. Our model is based on assessing the needs of each community; they identify issues of concern and our team works to create literacy materials that teach good behavior and simultaneously build life skills.

Children's Ministry & Education

Inspire International invests in education and character development for children and youth.We produce Christian educational materials that are contextually relevant and distinctly indigenous to teach wisdom principles to youth in an accessible format. Christian Schools have played a historical role in providing not only quality education but also inculcating strong moral values and good citizenship across the nation. We invest in the capital growth of such schools. Additionally, Inspire International uses indigenous writers and artists to create educational materials that are culturally relevant as part of our Children’s Festival curriculum. Our curriculum focuses on values-based education and good citizenship. We train a large number of teachers annually in four languages and serve over 17,000, each year.


Inspire International helps meet the need of indigenous churches in South Asia. We assist with capital needs, culturally relevant family and marriage counseling, and continuing education for church leaders. Continuing education opportunities include conferences, family counseling, mentoring and spiritual nurture retreats.

Health & Community Development

Inspire International strives to uplift the poor and the poor at heart. We want to improve their quality of life through access to healthcare, education and various micro-enterprise projects, including water filter building in India and Myanmar, and a very successful tailoring unit in India. We also work to uplift and encourage frontline missionaries who have dedicated their lives to serving the poor.

To learn how you can partner with us in this work, please visit:

Inspire International