Eternity at VCU is an international gathering of students that meets every Wednesday night at 7 PM at Eternity Church. We exist to support the international student community at VCU, to create a community of friends from different cultural backgrounds, and to share the love of Jesus. We seek to support students who need help adjusting to a new culture or finding their way around a new environment.  Our vision is to "Gather the Nations," and we do this primarily by hosting the weekly dinner at the Church. Transportation is provided from the VCU Library at 6:40pm and from the Berkshire Apartments at 6:50pm. 

Our heart and vision are to provide a place for the seeking, and for the lonely to find friends and fellowship. We want to provide a Christ-centered community that welcomes everyone like family, from every tribe and nation.  We have fun activities, talk about our faith as we listen to others, and we seek to bring together cultures and promote a spirit of belonging and community on a diverse campus.

Eternity Church is a multi-ethnic church, drawn from over 15 nationalities with a vision to gather the nations to worship Jesus Christ. Many churches today are predominantly white or black, and immigrants from other nations feel alien with little sense of belonging. Therefore we began an international church deliberately with the intention of providing a place where people of different languages, nationalities, ethnicities, and denominations can gather together and create community. We are a multi-ethnic church committed to growing discipleship in Jesus Christ and to faithfully follow his teachings. As we began this church in 2001, we realized that even more than race, denominationalism was a major cause for division among Christians. That is why unity is a priority, and we seek to draw on the riches of different denominations - - we value the strength that each one brings. We need each other. As a church, we are connected to the Christian tradition that comes to us through the centuries as well as with the newly emerging churches. The church works intentionally at reconciliation among the different peoples and we work at building a strong community. It is our hope that the closer we draw to God the more we will hear his heart for the world. Come and share with us the excitement of worship and service. If you have not visited recently, please come and join us.